First-time Attendee Scholarship

The First Time Attendee(s) Scholarship is awarded to defray expenses incurred for up to two members to attend the SCMLA Annual Meeting for the first time. Scholarship is used to pay for registration, one (1) CE course, travel, accommodation, and meals.

Criteria for the award:

Applicant must:

•Be a current SC/MLA member in good standing (non-student)

•Answer the question: “What do you expect to gain professionally and/or personally by attending the SC/MLA annual meeting?”

•Attach a letter of support from an administrator demonstrating a genuine need for financial aid due to lack of institutional travel support or adequate salary support

•Register for and complete one (1) CE course

•Attend all sessions of the SC/MLA Annual Meeting, including the business meeting

•After the meeting, submit a brief (250-300 word) report about the meeting which will be published in Southern Expressions

•Attach a final expense report to the above-mentioned report. Conference registration and CE registration for one course will be waived. The expense report should include receipts for travel, accommodation, and meals.

Scholarships will be limited to one person per institution per year.

The Honors & Awards Committee will have the responsibility for deciding whether applicants meet the criteria and for awarding the scholarships.

Procedures for Award

The First-time Attendee Scholarship Award is up to $1000. The awardee should register for the meeting, selecting the option “pay by check.” Upon receipt of the registration confirmation, the awardee should forward a copy to the SC/MLA Treasurer, who will send a check directly to the meeting account. 

After the meeting, the awardee must submit a brief (250-300 word) report about the meeting, as well as an expense report requesting reimbursement for other meeting expenses. The balance of the award (up to $500) will be sent to the awardee in January.

SC/MLA will reimburse expenses such as meals and incidentals based on the US General Services Administration (GSA) per diem rate as found at Receipts are not required for meals and incidental expenses. However, we will not reimburse for meals that are included as part of the meeting registration. If traveling by car, mileage reimbursement will be based on the GSA published rate.

Deadline for applications: August 15th

Submit applications to Tamara Nelson at

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